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In this book, Robert Boyer, a Master Printer and my very able assistant, and I will guide you through the printing process, from post-processing to display. In it we will follow our own work flow that we employ in our photographic studio in historic Havre de Grace, Maryland. Unlike other books about digital printing, many of them excellent, we hope to teach you the concepts that will allow you to understand the digital print process itself, and the many challenges you will face, so that you can make creative decisions of your own that reflect your personal vision. We will also employ something akin to a case study approach, so that when you encounter those challenging images that firmly resist morphing into a great print, you will find ways to tackle them within these pages. Our case study approach is a different way of approaching the world of printmaking.

Our goal here is to provide you with a work that will get you started, if you are new to printing, and a ready reference if you are an experienced printer. As you can tell, we are passionate about photography and printing. In any event, we wish you always full cartridges, luscious papers, true colors, and flawless prints that are gallery worthy. Now, on to fine art printing!

About Us

Les Picker is a lifelong photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Publications and dozens of other magazines and newspapers. He is a Moab Master and an internationally award-winning photographer. Les teaches print workshops at his studio in Maryland and leads photo tours throughout the world.

Robert Boyer is a Master Printer with more than 30 years of experience. He has been a key part of LPFA for more than a decade. Bob handles all fine art printing and co-teaches print workshops with Les

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