X-Rite i1 Studio Review

Part 1

Posted: 30 September 2019
Author: Robert W. Boyer

If you’ve not downloaded your free copy of the comprehensive guide to fine art printing with Lightroom, get it now!

In the Fine Art Printing eBook we dedicate a lot of real estate talking about color, color management, and getting great, predictable, color in your prints. We cover a lot of how to use Lightroom soft-proofing to evaluate and predict how color will look on your printer and paper choice. All of that discussion depends on the assumption that the screen you use has an accurate profile. Just as important is an accurate profile for the printer / paper combination you use.

After using many solutions, from many vendors over the years we just about gave up on “affordable” all-in-one calibrators for both screen and paper. Without going into a lot of detail we made the assumption that printer/paper calibration had to rely only on hardware that was expensive and out of reach for many people that print. That’s all changed since we tried the X-Rite i1 Studio. Never before have we used a solution that is easy, convienent, and produced such consistent results as quickly.

If you are in need of a calibration solution for your screen and your printer we highly recommend you take a look at the X-Rite i1 Studio. In fact unless you are on a really tight budget even if you are only looking for screen calibration I would recommend consideration of the “studio” version given how little the difference in cost is beyond the i1 Display Pro is.

Below is a video where Mike Hagen walks thru a review and operation of the i1 Studio for display calibration. Stay tuned for Part 2 where he will review and walk through using the i1 Studio for printer / paper calibration.

Mike Hagen On The X-Rite i1 Studio

Part 1 Display Calibration